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What are animated videos?

Bright and attractive animated videos. A fun and quick way to capture the attention of your viewers. They’re easy to access and share through a visual medium. A great animated video ad takes the viewer on a journey that is both impactful and memorable. 

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of consumers make a purchase after watching branded video
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Companies using video get 41% more web traffic than non-users
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Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%
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87% of online marketers use video content
HD Original Videos

An exploration of forms, movements, colors, and perspectives to find the perfect message

Improve your search ranking results

Animated videos are extremely versatile in where and how they can be used. We recommend using them on your homepage, landing page, social media, in newsletters, and many other digital mediums. Search engines also love videos that are packed with awesome information. Similar to an explainer video, your digital commercial can show up on the search engine results page alongside your website.

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